Automation and Optimization

If Data is the new oil, then AI and Automation is the new industrial revolution. Be it your Big Data & Analytics code, architecture or as complex as AI models, we do a lot of automation, orchestration and optimization for your particular needs.

Code review and automation

As Big Data and AI technology continues to mature, organizations face issues of instability of their big data analytics and AI systems. The instability is due to lack of code quality and lot of processes which are done manually. At Factlabs, we review the existing code and improve it by following the best practices.

Apart from coding practices, lack of proper training and deficiencies of algorithms make the AI models unusable. We improve the accuracy and predictability of your Models with our deep learning and in depth understanding by years of R&D experience.

Infrastructure and Architecture improvement

The landscape of Big Data Analytics and AI keeps changing every now and them. Organizations are mostly late to adopt the latest available tools and techniques. This leads to depreciation loss and competitive backwardness. Factlabs bridges this gap by improving the infrastructure and the data architecture by integrating latest state of the art systems.

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