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Free big data sets we should know about!

People usually look for free big data sets open to Public, here are some of them open data sets Data.gov  - US Government datasets which has everything from climate to crime. Healthdata.gov  - 125 years of US healthcare data including claim-level Medicare data,...

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NoSQL Simplified

Basics of NoSQL NoSQL eliminates the need of a schema, hence pushing the data handling capacity by a huge margin by compromising on ACID. However, with accurate supporting applications in place, NoSQL provide a good combination of high data handling capacity with good...

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Free learning sources – Big Data Science

Data Structures - http://stackoverflow.com/questions/tagged/data-structures - http://courses.csail.mit.edu/6.851/spring12/lectures/ - http://www.edureka.co/c-programming-datastructure-course-self-paced - http://cslibrary.stanford.edu/ Algorithms -...

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