Introduction to R


This course will cover basic concepts of R and statistical programming in R.

Course Overview

1. Introduction to R
R Basics, background.
Comprehensive R Archive Network
Demo of Installing R On windows from CRAN Website
Installing R Studios on Windows OS
Setting Up R Workspace.
Getting Help for R-How to use help system
Installing Packages – Loading And Unloading Packages

2. Starting with R : Getting familiar with basics
Operators in R – Arithmetic,Relational,Logical and Assignment Operators
Variables,Types Of Variables,Using variables
Conditional statements,ifelse(),switch
Loops: For Loops,While Loops,Using Break statement,Switch

3. The R Programming Language- Data Types And Functions
Use R for simple maths, creating data objects from the keyword.
How to make different type of data objects.
Understand the various data types that the language supports.
Introduction to Functions in R
Types of data structures in R
Arrays And Lists- Create Access the elements
Vectors – Create Vectors,Vectorized Operations,Power of Vectorized Operations
Matrices- Building the first matrices,Matrix Operations,Subsetting,visualising subset,Visualising with matplot()
Factors – Creating a Factor
Data Frames- create and filter data frames,Building And Merging data frames.

4. Functions And Importing data into R
Function Overview – Naming Guidelines
Arguments Matching,Function with Multiple Arguments
Additional Arguments using Ellipsis,Lazy Evaluation
Multiple Return Values
Function as Objects,Anonymous Functions
Importing and exporting Data into R- importing from files like excel,csv and minitab.
Import from URL and excel Files
Import from database.

5. Data Descriptive Statistics,Tabulation,Distribution
Summary Statistics for Matrix Objects. apply() Command.Converting an Object into a Table Histograms, Stem and Leaf Plot, Density Function. Normal Distribution

6. Graphics in R – Types of graphics
Bar Chart,Pie Chart,Histograms- Create and edit.
Box Plots- Basics of Boxplots- Create and Edit
Visualisation in R using ggplot2.
More About Graphs: Adding Legends to Graphs Adding Text to Graphs, Orienting the Axis Label.

7.Special utility functions
Practice assignment


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