Automatic Platform Manager

Automatic Platform Manager

Analyze your Big Data ecosystem settings and tune it to the best possible values depending on your use cases.

This tool manages all your big data applications and scales the platform according to the requirements. Every big data use case needs experts to configure the Big Data platform at its best. The issue they face is of performance and regular platform failures, this is all due to limited maturity of Big Data ecosystem and lack of expertise. Therefore, there is a need to an automated way of handling the platform and manage all the utilities with a single interface.

Benefits of a reliable Automatic Platform Manager service: 

  • Enhances the platform performance by actionable recommendations.
  • Automates platform management and reduces need for expert help.
  • Lowers failures and platform based issues.
  • Stabilizes your entire data pipeline from end to end.
  • Stay ahead of issues with proactive analysis.

Given the speed of evolution of Big Data and the critical nature of these applications, it has become almost a mandate for organizations to stay ahead of platform issues and resolve them rapidly. This has fundamentally changed the model for delivering Hadoop support from reactive to proactive monitoring and actionable recommendations that are actually delivered prior to customer experiencing an issue.

Factlabs Automatic Platform Manage enables proactive issue resolution & personalized platform insights.
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January 8, 2017

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