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Our PaaS offering

In addition to product and IP’s, Factlabs sees a need of providing a Plug ‘n’ Play platform to host the products as well as integrate it with their existing systems. This integration makes sure that the organization, not only has the needful solutions but also has the platform to continue and mature in the field of big Data analytics and AI. Below are the components of our managed cloud platform with the respective technologies which are indicative and not exhaustive.

1. Infrastructure as a Service – This is a IaaS offering based on your specific requirements.
2. Ingestion as a service – We use technologies like sqoop/kafka/flume/spring xd to automate ingestion processes.
3. Search and indexing as a service – Expertise in Solr/lucene/Elastic search for Searching and indexing.
4. Storage as a service – Utilize capacity of s3/ hdfs to get as much storage as you want.
5. Batch processing (integration- etl) aaS – Leverage MR/ Pig/ Hive/ core spark /Spark SQL/ Impala/ Drill
6. Real time processing aaS – Storm/ Spring XD/ Spark Streaming
7. Analytics – Python/R/ Spark ML Lib/ Mahout
8. Visualization- Tableau/ Qlikview
9. Security (Administration Authentication Authorization Auditing)- Ranger/ Knox, kerberos
10. Provisioning, Managing, & Monitoring – Ambari/ Zookeeper/ Cloudbreak/ AWS Autoscaling
11. Scheduling – Oozie/ Airflow

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October 20, 2017

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