Data Science automation

Data Science automation

One of the challenges organizations face today is to translate their business problems / cases to data science specific problems. There becomes a dependency on data science experienced professionals who are not readily available. Due to this talent crunch many problems which could have been solved remains open for long directly affecting growth and revenue.

Factlabs Data Science automation tool bridges this gap for the need of dedicated talent by giving an easy to use interface where customers can put details of industry domain, vertical, function, business unit, use case and data details. Once the wizard takes these details into the system, our backend engine runs the best algorithm on your selected params and provides the results in a moment.

An aggregation system where we have made the most complex of algorithms available for any industry and domain use cases by creating an exhaustive collection of possibilities and mapping them.

The capabilities include uploading a dataset and selecting the business area, use case and domain of the problem, the algorithm will run itself and choose the best tool, library and algorithm applicable to the particular scenario.

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January 8, 2017

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